david hamburger

David Hamburger – Holiday 2022 Q&A

Holiday 2022 Q&A DAVID HAMBURGER | NOVEMBER 29, 2022 Q. What is the most surprising food and wine pairing you’ve ever experienced? A. Without question, oysters with young Chateau d’Yquem. You’d be shocked how delicious the pairing is! Q. What are you opening for the holidays? A. I’ve been doing
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a glass of wine sitting on top of a table

Sam Nelom

Holiday 2022 Q&A sAM NELOM | NOVEMBER 23, 2022 Q: When it comes to holiday dinners, which Spanish whites should I pour? A: Well, I’m a believer that you should always drink what you like regardless of food! HOWEVER, in terms of great pairings, classic holiday meats like turkey and
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Biodynamic Wine

Shoshana Filene – Holiday 2022 Q&A

Holiday 2022 Q&A SHOSHANA FILENE | NOVEMBER 23, 2022 Q: What are the key points to consider when gifting a fine wine?A: Unless you are buying for a savvy collector, in which case their specific tastes and the contents of their cellar are the most important, I think you want
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cliff korn

Cliff Korn – Holiday 2022 Q&A

Holiday 2022 Q&A CLIFF KORN | NOVEMBER 23, 2022 Q: What would you bring to a holiday party when you want to impress? A: Chateau Yquem. Without question. Q: What are you serving at your table for the holidays? A: My wife is pregnant so I can’t go too crazy,
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Bar setting various alcoholic beverages in elegant glassware

Patrick Larson – Holiday 2022 Q&A

Holiday 2022 Q&A PATRICK LARSON | NOVEMBER 23, 2022 Q: Which bourbons should be on my short list to buy for my best friend’s collection? A: Whenever I am buying for someone else, before I think about brands, I first think about what I know they like. If they are
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